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A map app to find 160+ power outlets in Disneyland, California Adventure, & Downtown Disney to recharge mobile devices, cameras, wheelchairs and scooters!

We created Mouselets to help you keep your devices charged for FREE while having fun at Disneyland.

Having your device battery drained midday is a bummer, so we've pinned a bunch of outlets around Disneyland Resort to keep your vacation energized!

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What Makes Mouselets Indispensable!

Download Mouselets before your next Disneyland vacation. It's the Disney app that's better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Here's why:

The Problem:
Uggghhh....your mobile device is about to run out of power halfway through your day at Disneyland.  You'll have to get stingy taking photos & video, stop your internet usage, and quit posting to social media.  When your battery finally tanks you'll stow your phone or camera, missing out on ride wait times and not capturing photos of your loved ones or the fantastic nighttime entertainment. If the park's charging lockers aren't full, you'll have to pay $2 per hour to be without your phone for quite awhile. Otherwise, you'll have to leave the park to trek back to your hotel to recharge, never to return because of that dreadful walk back. Yeah, we've been there, and that's why we created Mouselets.

The solution:
Mouselets pinpoints where you can find power outlets around Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney to recharge for FREE! It helps you discover outlets scattered throughout the parks using pins, pictures and detailed descriptions.  Didn't know Disneyland had power outlets hidden around the parks? Neither did we, until we started hunting them down. We show you outlets in planters, on walls, in restaurants and the holy grail...the "Sit & Charge" outlets where both you and your device can recharge comfortably.  Mouselets is also useful for park guests needing to recharge ECV scooters, wheelchairs and other electronic devices. Our purpose is to help you enjoy more time in the parks without fear of dead batteries and missed memories!

  • Outlets in park restaurants, to recharge while you eat.
  • Integrates into your device's native map app to get walking directions to outlets.
  • Current & forecasted Disneyland weather.
  • Buy portable batteries in-app, to avoid future dead batteries.
  • FREE "Disneyland Energized" eBook included in-app.
Avoid dead devices. Download Mouselets today!


  • Recharge for Free!

    Skip paying the $2/hr at the Disney recharge lockers, which are often full anyway.

    Mouselets lets you hang onto your device, while you charge for FREE throughout the parks!

  • Tons of Outlets!

    Mouselets includes detailed descriptions, photos and native map integration to help you easily find over 150 electrical outlet locations around Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney so far!

    And we're still adding more!

  • Charge in Comfort!

    We have power outlets in planters. We have them in walls. We have them in light posts along parade routes.

    We also include our awesome “Sit & Charge” outlets where you can charge and relax at a bench, or while dining in a restaurant!

  • Buy Portable Power!

    Tired of drained batteries? Buy a portable battery bank through our Mouselets store. We have power banks of all sizes and power levels, wall chargers and even backpacks with solar panels to charge while you're exploring the parks.

    Store items are bought in-app and shipped through our trusted Amazon store.


Mouselets is simple to use and easy to navigate!
Scroll through some screenshots below.


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